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The Beauty Pool of Yellowstone National Park – The hot spring allows luminous algae and bacteria to flourish creating a vivid array of colors. (Photo by Francois Gohier/Ardea/Caters News)

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And why are Southerners threatened by these two gruops? Who was the legal power behind the civil rights movement? Who are the gruops that are hugely disproportion supporters of open borders, a position held for at least a century, the enables unfettered ingress of Hispanics to the South?Yankees, Jews, DWLs, the North, etc.Possibly it’s because the right to vote was supported by a Democratic President.The culmination of a struggle for women's suffrage that had consumed seventy years of movement activism and which was began in the Burned Over District in New York State in 1848. It was always a Yankee utopian social movement. Its biggest supporters were abolitionists like William Lloyd Garrison.Goodness, a Scotch-Irish, son of the South, who signed the Fed into law, declared war against Germany with enormous support of his Southern constituency, appointed the first Jewish SCJ, his chief advisor Louis D. Brandeis, whose coterie of Jews litigators, under the auspice of Brandeis, pushed for minority rights in the treaty of Versailles, on the foundation of lies of Polish pogroms; installed the Jewish founded Weimar Republic, and pushed for the enfranchisement of women. And this crowd demonizes Lincoln for his duplicity. Too funny.(1) Woodrow Wilson was the Governor of New Jersey and the president of Princeton University.(2) Woodrow Wilson departed from his predecessors by resegregating the White House. The White House had been integrated since Abraham Lincolk took over.(3) The South voted down the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.(4) Southerners backed the Democratic Party, not because they particularly hated Germany, but because supporting the Republican Party (the party of negro equality, feminism, high tariffs, and civil rights) wasn't an option in the American political system.(5) Jews and African-Americans were Republican voters before they joined the Northern Democracy starting under FDR of New York State. It wasn't until Goldwater though that African-Americans defected from the Party of Lincoln en masse.(6) The Jews flooded into the Northern states (like the millions of other European immigrants and later African-Americans ) to work in the industrial economy that was its pride and joy.(7) The Yankees can look North to Canada to find a people who are even more liberal than themselves on major social questions. Here is Woodward on Canada: Consider for a moment what U.S. politics and society might be like if the Dixie bloc never existed, or if the Confederacy had peacefully seceded in 1861. You don't have to stretch your imagination, because this very scenario has been playing out north of the U.S. border. More on women's suffrage: The struggle for women's suffrage was conceived and fought by reformers in Yankeedom and the two nations with the deepest attachment to identity of conscience: New Netherland and Midlands. The historic initial meeting of women's rights advocates was held in Yankee Seneca Falls, New York, in 1848. It was followed two years later by the first National Women's Rights Convention, staged in Worchester, Massachusetts, and backed by a broad pantheon of male Yankee luminaries, from newspaperman Horace Mann and abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison to the writer Wendell Phillips and Unitarian philosopher William Henry Channing; it was no coincidence that every one of its next ten conventions was held in one of the three aforementioned nations. When the Nineteenth Amendment finally passed in 1919, state legislators representing these nations and the Left Coast quickly ratified it; those in the Dixie bloc did not. The women who led the long struggle were also from three northeastern nations, including Susan B. Anthony (daughter of Massachusetts Quakers), Lucy Stone (Massachusetts-born, Oberlin educated), Elizabeth Cady Stanton (descended from early Dutch settlers and born, raised, and educated in Yankee upstate New York), and Carrie Chapman Catt (born in Yankee Ripon, Wisconsin, educated in Midland Ames, Iowa).While the Dixie block fought to keep things as they were or return them to the way they used to be, Yankeedom and especially New Netherland and the Left Coast were becoming increasingly tolerant of unusual experiments and countercultural movements . . .Each coalition underwent an internal civil war in this period: in the Dixie bloc, African Americans rose up against segregation and the caste system, while the four nations of the Northern alliance faced a youth-led cultural uprising. Both of these destabilizing events started as homegrown phenomena led by disaffected people from within each bloc abut soon drew intervention from outside their respective regions. In the first uprising the civil rights movement the northern nations' assistance provided decisive, as it marshaled federal power and troops to force whites in Tidewater, Appalachia, and especially the Deep South to dismantle their cherished racial caste system. In the second uprising the sixties cultural revolution Dixie-based political leaders intervened in the Northern-alliance-based cultural shift by opposing the young revolutionaries from the Left Coast, New Netherland, and Yankeedom, whose agenda was diametrically opposed to everything the Deep South and Tidewater stood for.

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