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Katskhi Pillar
Katskhi Pillar
The Katskhi pillar is a natural limestone monolith located at the village of Katskhi in western Georgian region of Imereti, near the town of Chiatura. It is approximately 40 metres (130 ft) high, and overlooks the small river valley of Katskhura, a right affluent of the Q'virila. In historical records, the Katskhi pillar is first mentioned by the 18th-century Georgian scholar Prince Vakhushti, who reports in his Geographic Description of the Kingdom of Georgia: "There is a rock within the ravine standing like a pillar, considerably high. There is a small church on the top of the rock, but nobody is able to ascend it; nor know they how to do that."

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Giuseppe: on 10/12/2014

i remember as a child grwiong up in the USSR. i was young and didn't appreciate the significance of what i was drawing, and would doodle stars of david, crosses, and even swasticas. but i knew to quickly erase these symbols off my paper. i knew that if a teacher happened to come by and see them they would notify the principal, who would notify the police, and the police would come to your house and ask your parents some serious questions. i also had family and friends disappear in Russia after such visits. did you know that in Moscow there is an entire cemetary dedicated to the reporters who died seeking i completely agree with TexasFred

Margarita: on 10/15/2015

By the way just curious.. Were you the bass boy in that rnratusaet who didn't got enough tips, now is mad and talks not even knowing´╗┐ what?? well I even doubt that because I know we tip well who takes care of us!! Hmm.. than maybe you want it to work their and they told you know because you weren't georgian )) Hmm you should have mentioned that you were looking for a position as a bass boy. Maybe next time ..

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