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The Iceberg By CEBRA
The Iceberg By CEBRA
Four young, trendsetting architectural offices from Denmark, Holland and France along with PensionDenmark are the clever ones behind the Iceberg – a unique house building, sporting 11 pinnacles, situated at the outermost corner of Aarhus Harbour, thus having a spectacular view of Aarhus Bay and Kalo Cove and Aarhus City. None of the 11 pinnacles are alike, which makes the architecture dynamic, and the view of the sea from the property is optimised. The inspiration comes from floating – severed – icebergs, and the slanting roof shapes prioritise view as well as light. It's individual whether or not you like the oblique angles. Critical voices state that slanting windows and walls do not belong to a building of this calibre. Supporters, reversely so, prioritise this sort of architectural irregularity.

Source: AvaxNews

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Patrizia: on 10/13/2014

Hello - To all of you looking for jobs in the eoinatudcal sector in Denmark - jobs in kindergarten, schools, gymnasiums and Universities - Go to a site with jobs only in this sector.Good luck

Flavio: on 10/16/2014

HelloI can't read your site so I dont know if this Kriswill Chief 1824 is for sale but I would very much like to buy it and have it sent to Denmark. Is that possible and if so how much is it worth to you?Kind Regards HenrikP.S. Beautiful Pipes you have!

Arry: on 02/26/2017

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