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The Iceberg By CEBRA
The Iceberg By CEBRA
Four young, trendsetting architectural offices from Denmark, Holland and France along with PensionDenmark are the clever ones behind the Iceberg – a unique house building, sporting 11 pinnacles, situated at the outermost corner of Aarhus Harbour, thus having a spectacular view of Aarhus Bay and Kalo Cove and Aarhus City. None of the 11 pinnacles are alike, which makes the architecture dynamic, and the view of the sea from the property is optimised. The inspiration comes from floating – severed – icebergs, and the slanting roof shapes prioritise view as well as light. It's individual whether or not you like the oblique angles. Critical voices state that slanting windows and walls do not belong to a building of this calibre. Supporters, reversely so, prioritise this sort of architectural irregularity.

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Pedro: on 12/22/2015

Hi Pedro,Sorry for the late reply, I have been on vacations and a liltte bit disconnected of everything for a while.Yes, for sure, no problem. I hope I can help you answering your questions based on my experience at the Business Academy Aarhus. I have already finished my first year at the Business Academy Aarhus, and with good grades I must ad =)Ask me your questions here in this blog or just send me an e-mail.Cheers.

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