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A Night in Nanjing, China

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Akash: on 03/24/2012

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Mira: on 09/06/2013

Hi,I'm fairly new to WordPress and have been sehcnairg for weeks for a gallery plugin for my site. I came across Plogger with Plogger Press and love the way it looks, as well as the easy integration into WordPress. I'm having a bit of trouble w/the ID tag, though. I can't figure out what the id's are for my galleries or images. I get this error message:WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '/pictures WHERE id=domino_a.jpg' at line 1]SELECT * from /pictures WHERE id=domino_a.jpgI have been sehcnairg for an answer and have found that others have the same question on other forums (see below)nemogaJun 28th 2006Hi all,I have been trying to integrate plogger into my wordpress blog and am having a little difficulty. I searched for advice and have been careful to install plogger as part of the same database as wordpress, at least I think I have. The plogger gallery works on its own but I have yet to integrate it in a wordpress post. When I use the ID tag to include a plogger image I get this warningWordPress database error: [Unknown table 'umit1cweb' in where clause]SELECT * from plogger_pictures WHERE id=umit1cweb.jpgDoes anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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Imam: on 10/15/2015

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Midge: on 02/26/2017

Oi kun tätä nyt luetaan ja sinäkin kirjoitit tästä niin kisvnostanaiti että syyhyttää.. Minulla on Gallayt vielä lukematta mutta vahvasti korvan takana. Tuntuu kyllä että pitäisin hänestäkin. Ja Janssoniinkin vertasit, eli kyllä tässä jotain on täytynyt mennä oikein.Kiitos hyvästä arviosta!

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