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Must See Places | Australia | Wave Rock, near Hyden in Western Australia.

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Wave Rock, near Hyden in Western Australia.
Wave Rock, near Hyden in Western Australia.
Wave Rock, near Hyden in Western Australia. Wave Rock is a natural rock formation near the small town of Hyden in Western Australia. It derives its name from the fact that it is shaped like a large, smooth wave. It should be pointed out that the shape of the rock is not caused by a wave phenomenon. Instead, its rounded wave-like shape has been formed by weathering and water erosion, which has undercut the base, leaving a rounded overhang. The rock itself is about 15 meters high, approximately 110 metres long, and consists mainly of granite. The vertical black lines are caused by an algae and water pouring down the cliff after the heavy rains during the wet season.

Source: AvaxNews

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